Dats on a Server

Since Dat is a distributed (peer-to-peer) data sharing tool, a computer must be actively sharing a dat for it to be available. If you're sharing files over Dat, you might want to set up a dedicated server that re-hosts your dat. This means that it'll still be available even after you turn off your personal computer.

Running Dat on a server can also be used for live backups. As long as you are connected to your server and syncing changes, your server can backup all of your content history - allowing you to view old content later.

Short Instructions

We have built a simple tool to host multiple dats using the commandline. The tool is called hypercored. Hypercored reads a file that contains all of the dats that you want to share.

Install it on your server, create a feeds file with dats separated by newlines, and run hypercored.

npm install -g hypercored
echo 'dat://64375abb733a62fa301b1f124427e825d292a6d3ba25a26c9d4303a7987bec65' >> feeds
echo 'dat://another-dat-link-here' >> feeds

That's it. Now it will download and host the data for the each dat in the feeds file. Hypercored uses hypercore-archiver for efficient sharing of many dats and full content history backup.

See below for more detailed instructions.

Detailed Instructions

Node Version

Check your node version, you should have version 4.0 or higher, but 6.10.3 or higher is preferred.

$ node -v

Then, go to your server (using ssh username@hostname.com) and install hypercored:

npm install -g hypercored

If you have installation trouble due to a permissions error, please see this tutorial for fixing permissions in node.js.

Now, create a file called 'feeds' with the list of dats you want to share.



So then if you ls you should see feeds in the list of files.

$ ls

Now, to share these dats simply type hypercored in the same directory.

~/dat $ hypercored
Watching ~/dat/feeds for a list of active feeds
Archiver key is 42471e32d36be3cb617ec1df382372532aac1d1ce683982962fb3594c5f9532a
Swarm listening on port 58184

That's great! Now all of the dats in feeds will be downloaded and re-hosted. However, it's running in the foreground -- you probably want to use a process manager to run and watch the process so that it never goes down.

Run it Forever

We recommend using lil-pids and add-to-systemd for long-term dat hosting from a linux server.

npm install -g add-to-systemd lil-pids
mkdir ~/dat
echo "hypercored --cwd ~/dat" > ~/dat/services
sudo add-to-systemd dat-lil-pids $(which lil-pids) ~/dat/services ~/dat/pids

Replace ~ with the path where you want to store your dats.